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Selling Your Mortgage Note

Sell all or part of your mortgage note fast, without fees or commissions and no longer have to worry about having your cash locked up in that note or the headaches that go along with collecting payments or doing the accounting.

We take care of it all. It’s a simple process. We will buy your note for the highest possible cash price today… No hassles. No obligation.

Buying Mortgage Notes

Reach your investment goals with secured mortgage notes. Let us help you make the process of diversifying your portfolio simple and hassle-free. We’ll help you find low-risk mortgage notes, secured by real-live property and a steady pay history.

Mortgage notes are a smart way to expand your investment reach, without the volatility of the stock market, and receive regular monthly payments

Sell Your Property Today & Pay Taxes Later

Sell today. Pay taxes later. And…KEEP THE CASH FLOW. No discount. No funny business. A simple, straightforward sale.

As active homebuyers, we are confident that we can work around your timeline and goals for selling your house. We can make you a fair offer and are willing to buy your house in its as-is condition. We will work hand in hand with you every step of the way to ensure a successful, seamless transaction.

Passive Investing in Mortgage Notes

Learn about becoming a passive private investor as an alternative way to participate in the real estate market.

We buy and sell a large number of mortgage notes and are always looking for short-term private investors who are excited to loan money at attractive rates secured by a mortgage or deed of trust, earn passive income while doing good.

Why Successful Note Solutions?

Successful Note Solutions is the area’s leading mortgage note solutions company. We work with homeowners, buyers, sellers, real estate agents, and investors buying and selling mortgage notes and all types of residential real estate. Our large network and experienced team allows us to offer more buying and selling solutions for all types of situations.

Our Commitment To You

Whether you’re buying, selling or investing property or mortgage notes, we are committed to helping you make the best decisions for your situation. We’re confident that our dedication to making your experience a smooth and successful process will be evident right from the start.

Get In Touch

We are here for you! You can call us anytime at 832 521 8636 or email us at [email protected] and we will work together to determine how we can best help you reach your goals.

You can also fill out the short form on our Contact Us page.

I highly recommend working with Hànanda! She coached me through the entire process, while I was making tough decisions. She actually cared about getting the best result for me and my family!

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