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You’re smart. You know you need to diversify your assets in order to minimize your risk. You’ve seen the volatility of the stock market. Buying mortgage notes offers a consistent income flow. You don’t trust what you don’t understand, for example crypto. You can trust collateral-backed debt. You hear real estate is a great investment, and you like that you can see and touch it. But real estate feels impossible to get into in this crazy market. Buying mortgage notes is an easier way into real estate.You think you’d like a rental property and not even sure you would qualify for a mortgage on a rental, even if you could find one. Or when you’d find time to manage it with your other commitments. Buying and maintaining mortgage notes is a passive wealth building tool, just ask your bank! With all of the insecurity and instability of recent years, you want an investment that you can count on.

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We work with you to assess your investment goals and needs. We’ll help you find assets that meet your needs depending on your location, asset class, loan to value and the borrower’s profile preferences.

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To reduce your risk, we’ll find you notes that are secured by property you can see and touch. They’ll have low loan to value ratios and strong borrower payment histories.
As your advisors, we’ll talk you through the paperwork and make your transition to Mortgage Note Investor is an easy one.


Follow our advice and this will be a truly passive income that pays for years to come. You’ll no longer need to monitor the market, and make decisions on its ups and downs. You’ll have 24/7 access to your financial data and can watch your monthly payments come in. We’ll further protect your investment by setting you up with a professional mortgage servicer to collect monthly payments, and pay property taxes and insurance.

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We are one of the area’s most active secured mortgage note investors and, with our large inventory of investments available, there’s no doubt that we can work around your timeline and goals for your next investment. If we don’t currently have what you’re looking for, we’re confident that if you join our Investor’s Group will have something that meets your specific buying criteria very soon. We will work hard to ensure that the buying process is straightforward, fast, efficient, and seamless. We understand the paperwork involved and will work hand in hand with you every step of the way.